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PTA weekly email communications 9/27/2012

本周PTA通讯内容    Contents of this week's announcements

1。赞助PTA 的知识讲座Sponsored PTA business seminars
2。 PTA needs more volunteers
3。图书馆通知-请归还所有借出的图书馆书籍和DVD.Please Return All Library Materials this Saturday
4。请购买《梦江南》晚会票!--25%售票收入将捐赠到购票家长/学生班级!Please oorder Impressions of JiangNan Tickets and Support Your Kids' Class!
5.  请尚未完成PTA lead选举的班选出代表 Please finish PTA lead selection
6.  10月6日 PTA 值勤班级  Classes on PTA duty, Oct. 6.
7.  活动期待 Upcoming events

赞助PTA 的知识讲座Sponsored PTA business seminars
Supporting our PTA fundraising mission, we have worked hard at bringing qualified sponsorships of local business partners to NWCS, so we can provide meaningful seminars to our parents free of charge, support our local business growth and fund more creative extra-curricular programs for our kids at NWCS. Below is a list of companies who have offered generous donation to NWCS PTA and will be holding a series of educational seminars to our parents. NWCS PTA does not endorse or recommend any particular speakers one more than the other. One of the seminars starts already this Sat Sept 29th. Don’t miss it. We will announce these seminars in the PTA news when they are available on that Saturday. More details about the speakers and companies can be also obtained at the PTA desk.

1.      如何启动您专属的财富列车 Financial investment management
Speaker: 菁英投资理财团队
Date and time for Sept and Oct: start this Sat Sept 29th, Oct 6th, 13th and 20th; from 11-12pm
Room#: 1111
Seminar language: Chinese

2.      家庭个人投资理财规划讲座Family investment plan
Speaker: Jay Xujie Zhang (PhD), Financial Advisor, Transamerica Financial Advisors Inc
Date and time for Oct: Oct 6th from 11-12:30pm
Room#: 1113
Seminar language: Chinese

3.      Redmond Ridge Chiropractic – Caring for people not conditions
Speaker: Dr. Andy Marrone
Date and time: TBD 
Seminar language: English

4.      曹霄鹤律师事物所组办系列法律知识讲座 A series of legal advice seminars
Speaker: 曹霄鹤律师事物所和Stacey Romberg,Jim Young,Shaobin Zhu等多位各个领域的律师专家
Date and time: TBD, plan to start in November; from 12-1:30pm
Room#: 1201
Seminar language: Chinese

PTA needs more volunteers
Here is a list of specific areas PTA needs your help during the Fall semester. Please reply this email and indicate the areas you would like to help with:

1.      Helpers for the Used book/DVD fair fundraising event in early November
2.      Fundraising marketing communication with retail business like Everything party / Amazon / Target for shopping rewards to NWCS
3.      Help at the PTA desk (near the Admin desk) to answer parents questions from 9-11 or 11-12 or 12-2
4.      Need more PTA Leads from the afternoon classes 

图书馆通知-请归还所有借出的图书馆书籍和DVD.Please Return All Library Materials this Saturday 

根据我们的记录,现在还有三十几位家长没有归还借出的书籍和DVD。请您这星期六务必将所有借出的书籍和DVD还到NWCS图书馆以避免罚金。时间/地点为9:30am to 12:30pm admin附近。Our record indicates that there are thirty some parents have not yet returned books or DVDs to the library. Please remember to return all library materials this Saturday to avoid any fines. The time/location is from 9:30am to 12:30pm at the library desk near the admin area. 

请购买《梦江南》晚会票!--25%售票收入将捐赠到购票家长/学生班级!Please Order Impressions of JiangNan Tickets and Support Your Kids' Class!  

西雅图歌舞团将以中国江南为主题于1020日星期六推出大型民俗歌舞晚会-《梦江南》(晚会详情请看附件)NWCS家长的要求,西歌将再次于本星期六在NWCS为大家提供2:30PM下午场团体优惠票 NWCW教师,家长及学生将享受团体价/每张票$20(原每张单价为$25)。另外,对每一张售出票,西歌将会捐赠$5给买票的老师/家长/学生的所在班级作为经费(如节日/年终给学生们买礼物等)。欢迎大家踊跃购票!售票时间/地点为星期六 9:30am到12:30pmNWCS Admin附近。请别忘了登记您的学生姓名及班级。(如有问题请email  
Impressions of JiangNan, presented by Seattle Ensemble of Songs and Dances (SESD), will be held on October 20th 2012 at Northshore Performing Arts Center. SESD will provide 2:30pm tickets to NWCS at the group price of $20 each (original $25 each). Also, for every tickets purchased by NWCS teachers, parents and students, SESD  will donate $5 to your students class fund.Please order your tickets Saturday 9:30am to 12:30pm near NWCS Admin desk. Please remember to register your student's name and the name of your student's class. Any questions, please email

请尚未选出PTA lead的各班老师和家长完成选举.
每个班的PTA是老师,家长,和孩子们之间重要桥粱,是我们办学成功的重要成份。请家长们积极参与PTA活动,配合各班老师本周完成PTA lead选举,好让我们尽快开展活动。我们特别需要下午班的家长们完成这项选举。PTA is an important bridge between teachers, parents, and students, is an important component in the school's operations.  We invite all parents to participate in PTA activities, especially finishing the election for the PTA lead this week so that we can carry our activities forward.  We especially need the afternoon class parents to participate in this election.

10月6日值勤的班级:早上由1A班,下午由1D班值勤。请该两班PTA lead和家长们把值勤人员安排好。On Oct 6., class 1A will take the morning PTA duties, and 1D will take the afternoon duties.  PTA leads and parents from those classes please make the appropriate arrangements.

活动期待  Upcoming events
Sept 29, 11am-12noon, Rm 1111: 如何启动您专属的财富列车 Financial investment management Speaker: 菁英投资理财团队
Sept 29: 9:30am-12:30pm, Admin area: 请归还所有借出的图书馆书籍和DVD.Please Return All Library Materials this Saturday
Oct. 6:  Start of gift certificate sales, Admin area
Oct. 6: 11am-12:30pm, Rm 1113: 家庭个人投资理财规划讲座Family investment plan
Oct. 6: 11am-12:00noon, Rm 1111: 如何启动您专属的财富列车 Financial investment management Speaker: 菁英投资理财团队

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