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PTA weekly email communications 10/11/2012


  学动脑,玩乐高 LEGO classes for kids
2.  2012 annual CIE/USA-Seattle Math Comp and Science Fun Program
4. 《梦江南》晚会票Impressions of JiangNan Tickets
5.  家长值勤安排
6.  诚征IT义工

学动脑,玩乐高 LEGO classes for kids are full!
If your kids names were on the waiting list, please come and pay your class fee at the PTA desk this Saturday. We will take in the order as we received. Please note, the class fee of $30 dollars is non refundable if your kids at the end can’t attend or miss any of the classes. More details of room numbers will be informed in our next weekly communication. If you have any questions, please contact Li Xu:

2012 CIE/USA-Seattle Math Comp and Science Fun Program
    This year Chinese Institute of Engineers - Seattle chapter will host the 2012 annual CIE/USA-Seattle Math Comp and Science Fun Program again at Sammamish High School, Bellevue. The program details is in the attachment.  Interested students please complete the online Registration Form by 10/24/2012. No registration fee required. For more information about CIE Seattle Chapter and our annual MathComp/ScienceFun program, please visit <> or send email to:

本周金融知识赞助讲座 Sponsored financial investment seminars
1.    2012~2013美国金融及房地产大解析

主讲:Albert Chang
时间:Oct 13th from 11am 12:00pm
1201 (steps further from Admin desk)

2.     家庭理财入门
你不理财,财不理你。 家庭理财是一门学问,理财得当,就可以早早安排孩子教育费用,退休金,家庭抗击风险能力,高枕无忧。理财不当,即使收入不错,也难免捉襟见肘。现美国注册理财师给您讲解家庭理财的基本知识。欢迎参加。
主讲: Jamie Gu  (MBA) Registered Investment Representative
时间: Oct 13th from 11am 12:00pm
教室: 1113 

3. 诚爱投资理财顾问团投资理财讲座
时间:Oct 13th from 12:00pm-13:00pm

《梦江南》晚会票 Impression of JiangNan Tickets
SESD and PTA thank the support of NWCS parents and teachers. All donations generated from ticket selling will go to each designated class by the end of October. If you are still interested in ordering Impressions of Jingnan tickets (10/20/2012), please contact

Oct 13:  AM - 1E; PM - 6D
Oct 20:  AM - 2E; PM - 7C
Safety patrol parents can get the orange safety patrol jackets from the Admin desk, and stay about 30 minutes after classes begin.  Gift certificate sales parents can get the gift certificates from the accountant, Ms. Xu, Min, and stay through 11am for morning classes, and 1:30 for afternoon classes.  Please remember to record the classes for which the certificates are purchased, because 5% of the purchase goes to that respective class fund.

If you have any questions or your role has been transferred to other parents, please contact Minggang Li at

西北中文学校的很多功能都是通过我们家长义工的参与而完成。目前我们邀请有IT经验,特别是有MS Exchange经验的家长参与我们的团队,主要的工作是帮助我们管理email 系统。如有兴趣,请联系

Used Books and DVD Fair

PTA will host Used books and DVD fair in early November. More detailed information will follow. Any questions, please contact

活动日程  Upcoming events

10/13  2012~2013美国金融及房地产大解析
10/13  家庭理财入门
10/13  诚爱投资理财顾问团投资理财讲座
10/20  乐高班LEGO classes for kids
10/27  乐高班LEGO classes for kids
11/03  乐高班LEGO classes for kids

early Nov used books and DVD fair (date to be announced)

11/10  No school


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