Friday, November 18, 2011


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通知Special Notice
据天气预报周五可能有本年第一次雪. 根据Newport High的规定, 如果周五因雪停课的话, 所有周末活动也一并取消. 这样会影响到我们学校的上课. 如果发生此情况, 我们会在周五晚些时候给大家发邮件临时通知, 并在学校网站上张贴. 请留意. 如无通知则本周六照常上课.
Based on the weather broadcast, we may hit this year first snow storm tomorrow. If snow comes down and NHS is closed on Friday, all community use, activities and events are cancelled for the entire weekend. The school will send out the “School Closure” email  to all parents and post the Closure emergency notice on our website.

龙年春晚报名结束 Chinese New Year Performance Sign-Up Has Ended
我们的龙年春晚演出报名得到了学校老师, 学生和家长的热烈响应. 目前报名截止, 我们有三十余个节目报名. 非常感谢大家的热情支持 (同时因演出时间限制我们也遗憾只能通过audition来选拔一些节目登台).  Audition会在十二月上中旬. 我们会在这一两天内通知各报名团体有关audition的详情.

Thanks to many enthusiastic performers, our Chinese New Year Performance has received well over 30 sign-ups! We are really happy and appreciative about such high participating rate, although on the other hand it also means we’ll have a tough time deciding which performances can make it to the final event. The audition will be conducted in early December. We will send out notice of time and place to the performers very soon.

PTA Weekly Services

NWCS Library is open this week ( note we are open every other week now )
NWCS library is located near the admin desk. The hour is from 9:45am to 12:30pm . If you have any library materials that are due, please return them during library hours so others can enjoy them.
We have DVD movies and TV series  including children's materials in the library. We also have the popular 英汉双解中文字典 for sale. All proceeds go to NWCS PTA.

Parent-On-Duty: (see class duty calendar for the entire semester)
This week (11/19/2011): AMclass 1E, PM: class 10C
Next time (12/03/2011): AM:  class 2A,  PM: class 12C

讲座 (PTA Seminars)
家庭教育讲座 Family Education  主讲 (speaker):     程远教授  Prof. Cheng Yuan    
11AM–12PM              CLASSROOM 1112

本系列讲座由张老师理财团队对我校广大家长教师免费提供,每周六同一时段、同一教室开讲,本周讲座专题为『如何利用保险增加退休收入同时合法节税? 主要会会与大家分享如何利用保险的税务优势,做为儿女教育基金的一部份,同时累积现金值做为退休收入的一部分.
1PM-2PM                   CLASSROOM 1201

Prize Station:      
Open this week from 10:30am to 1pm.

Gift Certificates Sale:
Every Saturday from 9:10AM to 11:40AM and from 11:50AM to 1:40PM at PTA Desk (near admin table).


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