Thursday, December 1, 2011


NWCS Math PTA group needs more volunteers
As the NWCS family grows, we need more parents to join us in organizing students to participate in the regional math events. We are currently looking for parents to coordinate math team registration in MathIsCool (4-6 graders), Blaine (5-8 graders), and other math events.  If your Children are going to participate in NWCS team and you are passionate to involve, please contact us at NWCS Math PTA group (

春晚节目预审 Audition for Chinese New Year Performance
学校春节晚会的节目报名已截止, 春晚委员会已向所有演出团体或个人发出预审的时间, 地点或方式的通知. 如果有报名者没有收到通知, 请与春晚委员会联系:  
The sign-up of Chinese new year performance has completed. The CNY committee has sent notifications to all performers about audition time, place or format. If you have signed up but didn’t receive such notification, please contact CNY committee:

PTA Weekly Services

NWCS Library is open this week ( note we are open every other week now )
NWCS library is located near the admin desk. The hour is from 9:45am to 12:30pm . If you have any library materials that are due, please return them during library hours so others can enjoy them.
We have DVD movies and TV series  including children's materials in the library. We also have the popular 英汉双解中文字典 for sale. All proceeds go to NWCS PTA.

Parent-On-Duty: (see class duty calendar for the entire semester)
This week (12/03/2011): AMclass 2A, PM: class 12C
Next time (12/10/2011): AM:  class 2E,  PM: class AP Chinese

讲座 (PTA Seminars)
How Money Works?     Speaker:  Bob Lin        
Most investors for the next several years will be lucky to get a 5 percent return in their portfolios……….., Pimco's Bill Gross said. (11-29-2011). Please join us to discover what factors are associated with money and those factors that you need to understand and watch or manage to grow your money/investments.  Come join us to discuss:
1. Market and Economy Trend - Where are we and where are we going?
2. Strategies to protect investments.
3. What are other alternative investments without market risks?
11AM–12PM              CLASSROOM 1111

家庭教育讲座 Family Education  主讲 (speaker):     程远教授  Prof. Cheng Yuan    
11AM–12PM              CLASSROOM 1112

本周讲座专题为『笑傲股市心法二:巴菲特投资心法大解密』最近股市上冲下洗,来回震荡,我们将在本周的课堂上介绍如在投资股市的同时,像股神巴菲特般为自己打造金钟罩,确保未来每年7%~10% 现金流, 本系列讲座由张老师理财团队对我校广大家长教师免费提供,每周六同一时段、同一教室开讲
1PM-2PM                    CLASSROOM 1201 

Prize Station:      
Open this week from 10:30am to 1pm.

Gift Certificates Sale:
Every Saturday from 9:10AM to 11:40AM and from 11:50AM to 1:40PM at PTA Desk (near admin table).

Chinese Community News

中国曾经的华尔街:晋商的辉煌与智慧 --电影《白银帝国》
周五 12/2/2011 (明天) 于西雅图上映. 中文加英文字幕. 详情请见附件.
Movie “Empire of Silver”opens in Seattle on Dec.2nd, 2011. See attachment for details.

Opens in Seattle on Friday, December 2nd
AMC Pacific Place 11
600 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101
Show time:  11:20 AM, 2 PM, 4:35 PM, 7:10 PM, 9:50 PM


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