Saturday, January 29, 2011

NWCS PTA Weekly Email 1/27/2011

PTA This week:

春节演出通知:Chinese New Year Celebration Event Info:

1.      感谢大家的热烈支持,春节联欢活动门票已经售完。我们保留了少量的门票给外边邀请的客人。 未来几天视回应情况我们有可能释出部分给大家购买。我们有一个等待名单可以排队。演员和义工优先。如仍有意购买,请email pta@nwchinese.org另外,在剧场两小时的演出之后,我们的游艺活动在隔壁的cafeteria开始。游艺活动没有座位问题,我们不收门票。未买到演出门票的诸位可以在3:30pm 以后去参与游艺。
The tickets are sold out. We have reserved a small number of tickets for external VIPs. We will try to release a few to the public in the near future depending on VIP response rate. We are maintaining a waiting list, with performers and volunteers having priority. Please email if you still want to purchase. On the other hand, the gaming activities which are to start after the performance, at around 3:30pm. It’s a free of charge.

2.      演出 1:30pm准时开始。届时灯光会变暗。为保证您能顺利找到座位,请提前到达入场。迟到会影响您入场。 我们会在1点左右开始清场,随即开门请大家入场。因绝大部分座位都已售出门票,请大家尽量挨着坐而不留空位,先来者往中间坐,予后来者找位的方便。并请看完整场,避免提前离席而影响整体的演出。
The performance will start at 1:30pm on time. Please arrive early to avoid affecting your entering the theatre. We will clear out the theatre at around 1pm and open the door right after. Since most of the seats are sold, please try to sit next to each other and avoid “pockets” in seats. Please stay for the entire show and avoid leaving early. Thanks.

3.      演出剧场禁止食物及水。请不要携带该类物品。
Food and drinks are not allowed in the theatre or the hallway. Please don’t bring such things when you come.

-    中国科学出版集团美国公司将于二月举办大西雅图地区首届“中华文化图书音像大展”。其中会在西北中文学校售书一天 2/12/2011).详情请看附件。
There will be a Chinese Books, Audio and Video Show” in February in Seattle. Please see attachment for details.
-    Sammamish 市将于251:00-6:00pm 在市厅举办中国文化艺术节。欢迎大家光临。
For those of you who live in Sammamish, there will be a Chinese Art and Culture event hosted by the City of Sammamish in the city hall at1:00-6:00pm on Feb. 5. You are welcome to visit.


1/29没有课。 下学期第一次课于2/5开始。别忘了网上注册。
There will be no school on 1/29. Next Semester starts on 2/5.



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