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NWCS PTA weekly communications 9/26/2013


1.   请完成各班PTA Lead选举 Please elect your class PTA leads
新学年乐高班报名开始 Beloved Lego classes are back
3.   免费讲座 Free seminars sponsored by PTA
4.   家长值勤安排 Parent-on-duty starts next Sat Oct 5th
5.   AMAZON shopping rewards PTA
6.   日程表 For your calendar 
请完成各班PTA Lead选举  Please elect your class PTA leads
PTA lead是各班老师、家长、学校、和PTA之间的重要桥梁。请尚未选出PTA lead的各班尽快完成选举。Please reply to  Don’t forget PTA Leads meeting will be held on Oct 12th. More details will follow.
新学年乐高班报名开始 Registration for Lego classes
学动脑,玩乐高!以下是PTA部分赞助的不同年级的乐高班。为了达到最好效果,每班每堂课所收学生有限。这星期六开始到PTA处报名。最先报名和交费的学生优先录取。Registration for Lego classes starts this week.  Seats are limited, and is guaranteed only after fees are fully paid. Registration fee is non-refundable.
1.    LEGO® Robotics (6-9th Grade) Learn about building and programming robots using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system. In addition to having fun, participants learn about mechanical and software design, problem solving, and teamwork skills.  Working in small groups, students will complete several projects and mini challenges through which they will learn how to control the robot to avoid obstacles, pick up and carry objects. Projects are structured to allow students to work in an open-ended, investigative environment while having fun. Enrollment is limited to 12 students. Returning students are welcome. All of our projects are designed with extra challenges to continue the education of new and returning students. 
Class size:        min 8 - max 12 students
Dates:              6 sessions from Oct 12th – Nov 23rd (No schools on Nov 9th)
Time:               12pm – 2pm (2 hours per class)
Room:              # 2120          
Fee:                 $180   
2.      LEGO® Jr Engineer class (3-5th Grade) offers an integrated STEM curriculum including science, technology, engineering, math, as well as history, language arts, and team decision making to children using LEGO® bricks and motors.  This is a hands-on class where students will build and design with Legos and receive an introduction to levers, gears, pulleys and more using batteries and motors to bring their creations to life!  
Class size:              min 15 – max 24 students
Dates:                    5 sessions from Nov 2nd – Dec 14th  (Nov 9th and 30th No schools)
Time:                     11-12pm
Room:                    # 1114
Fee:                       $75

3.      LEGO® Jr Builder class (K-2nd Grade) offers an integrated STEM curriculum including science, technology, engineering, math, as well as history, language arts, and team decision making to children using LEGO® bricks.  This is a hands-on class where students will build and design with Lego bricks creating things from the world around them! 
Class size:              min 15 – max 24 students
Dates:                    5 sessions from Nov 2nd – Dec 14th  (No schools on Nov 9th and 30th)
Time:                     12 – 1pm  
Room:                    # 1114
Fee:                       $75
免费讲座 Free seminars sponsored by PTA
免责声明所有参与投资理财演讲的家长,应考虑投资本身的风险性,斟酌决定自己投资的可能性。西北中文学校提供演讲的场地,核实主讲人公司和其公众演讲许可证明,对家长个人投资错误或演讲内容误差一概不负任何责任。Parents who participate financial planning seminars should evaluate his or her own risk tolerance level and possibility before doing any investments.  NWCS provides classrooms for presenters, review and confirm each presenter’s company and their approved public appearance. NWCS is not responsible for any individual investment loss or errors in presenter’s materials.
A.     美國房地產與金融趨勢 入秋后,联准会主席柏南奇卸任将进入倒数计时,在这个后柏南奇时代QE4将何去何从?这将牵动全球金融市场走向的重要因素,而我们该如何操作401k以及其他的投资账户?我们将就现在美国联准会的政策,为大家做一个详实的解析,同时与大家分享如何在变幻莫测的市场中保护自己的资产。房地产市场走势则是另外一个大家关注的目标,我们在课堂上也会提供最新的数据及分析供大家分享。 我们会提供点心,欢迎大家踊跃参加!
            主讲: Albert Chang
时间: 9/28 from 11:00 – 12pm
地点: Room # 1114

B.    Tips and Tricks that You Need to Know for Your Mortgage Getting a mortgage is one of the essential logistical steps in buying a home. Your mortgage is something you'll likely to spend decades to pay off, and with mortgage rates fluctuations, refinances are also something homeowners will be continuously paying close attention to. While shopping for a mortgage can be long and frustrating, you can streamline the process by knowing in advance how you can qualify, and turn compelling rates into real savings.  From this seminar, you will get some ideas of how to save the most from your mortgage and what you have been missing. Q&A session will be followed, welcome to bring in questions.
主讲: Alice Li
时间: 9/28 from 11 – 12pm
地点: Room # 1112

西雅圖房地產市場現況 相信每个人现在最热门的话题就是房子买了没? 本周我们将会深入探讨西雅图房地产市场现况, 内容丰富并且我们会提供点心,欢迎大家踊跃参加!

主讲: Julie Yang
时间: 9/28 from 12 – 1pm
地点: Room # 1114
D. Leadership seminar: A new opportunity for leadership, volunteers, sustainability and marketing for High school students and their parents James Yuan is a co-founder of a new startup, and a former Microsoft employee. He will introduce a newly innovated internet platform and discuss how this eco-friendly shopping alternative can benefit consumers, businesses, environments, and help non-profit organizations to provide unique opportunities for students in leadership, volunteering, sustainability and business training all together. Currently it is in piloting phase. Only invited users can try out.  Early piloting users, volunteers, or potential business partners are welcome. 
Time: 9/28 from 11-12pm
Room: # 1201

家长值勤安排 Parent-on-duty
The next classes for parent-on-duty are as follows:
            Oct  5             AM - 2A;  PM - 3C
coming up:
            Oct 12
            AM - 2B;  PM - 2D

Each class will need 2 parents for safety patrol, and 2 parents for the gift certificate sales.  AM refers to classes starting at 9am, and PM refers to classes starting at 12noon.  Please inform the parents of the specific duties and procedures.

Safety patrol  Safety patrol parents
must arrive before 8:45 for morning classes and before 11:45 for afternoon classes, and stay until about 30 minutes after classes begin.   The parents should get the safety patrol jackets from the principal's desk.  The duties include directing traffic  outside of the school building, and ensuring that students walk safely in the school premises. Gift certificate sales  Gift certificate sales parents can get the gift certificates from the accountant, Ms. Yi Qiufang at the admin desk.  Please remember to record the classes for which the certificates are purchases, because 5% of the proceeds go to the respective class funds.  Morning parents should stay until 10:50, and afternoon parents should stay until 1:30.

Please take a look at the overall class duty calendar to know your class' scheduled date, and prepare to organize the parent duties about 2 weeks ahead of time. If you have any questions or your role has been transferred to other parents, please contact Minggang Li at:

Shopping at benefits school PTA
Amazon has school reward program. In order to gain the reward fund from them, you can simply click on the link below when you shop at Amazon. You can shop and at same time help our school get some funding to support our children and parents programs: Click on this link to Shop at! ONLY when you shop through this link, our school will earn 4-10% free money from Amazon. So add the link to your favorites! 
日程表  For your calendar  
28 Lego class registrations
28 Free seminars
12 Lego Robotics class starts

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