Thursday, September 19, 2013

NWCS PTA weekly communications 9/19/2013

各位老师和家长,Dear Teachers and Parents,
祝大家中秋节快乐,并希望你很顺利地度过了开学的第一周。西北中文学校的长期友好合作伙伴,艺术家李恒达为今年中秋节隆重推出了具有历史性突破的杂技舞剧《金小丑的梦》!它将于本周五、周六晚在西雅图McCaw Hall上演。此剧由著名艺术家李恒达编导,它一改传统杂技的单一炫技,融合舞蹈与戏剧的表现语汇,向观众展示出一个全新的艺术形式。由于其高、难、险、美,杂技舞剧《金小丑的梦》在北京上演时曾经轰动一时。参与演出的二十二位演员于今年年初集体荣获杂技届的奥斯卡奖。We wish you a happy Mid-autumn Festival, and hope you had a smooth first week of school. A double treat for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival! A rare opportunity in Seattle! The theatrical acrobatics “Dream of the Golden Clown” will appear on stage at the McCaw Hall in downtown Seattle at 7:30pm on Friday September 20, and at 2pm and 7:30pm on Saturday September 21.This is an epochal masterpiece performed by the best acrobats from the best acrobatic troupe --- China National Acrobatic Troupe.
Tickets available at NWCS PTA desk this Sat or call McCaw Hall @ 800-745-3000.
在此周我们再次向大家介绍一下PTA的使命PTA是由一群志愿者组成,为丰富孩子们的生活而源源不断的寻找、宣传、提供各种机会和资源。PTA’s mission: PTA is a community of volunteers who advocate, communicate and work for the purpose of enriching your child’s life by providing unlimited opportunities and resources.

已经为本学年的活动作了一些规划。为了孩子们,我们欢迎各位参与PTA的工作与活动,提出你的期望和建议,特别是有益于孩子们成长的活动。请大家有空到PTA的办公桌来和我们交流,并留意PTA每周的通讯,让我们把PTA的活动办得更胜往年。尚未选出PTA代表的中文班请在本周把各班的PTA代表选好,通知PTA,好让我们把PTA的活动和义工的安排及时和大家联系。我们将在短期内向大家宣布各班的值日安排,请大家留意。PTA is planning a series of events for the school year.  We invite your participation in our efforts and activities.  We also welcome your input, especially those activities that promote healthy growth for children.  Please come by the PTA desk, and watch for our weekly announcements for event time and details.  Together we can make a great year! Teachers: Please vote your class PTA Lead and inform PTA this week.  We will announce the PTA duty schedule soon.  Please stay tuned.

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Best regards,
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