1. 欢迎大家参选学校董事 Application deadline is April 25th.
2. Used Book Fair 
3. 免费财经讲座 Free financial seminar
4. Pacific NW Cultural Exchange Council presents大型交响音乐会
5. 华夏之声合唱团《万紫千红歌满园》演唱音乐会
6. 家长值勤安排 Parent-on-duty (5B & 2C are on duty for this Saturday)  
7.日程表 For your calendar 
欢迎大家参选学校董事 Every parent is welcome to participate in NWCS school board
Application deadline is April 25th 2013!
西 北中文学校董事会又到换届的时候了,这是家长参与决定学校的发展方向的好机会。我们中文学校能成为本地华人社区的一面旗帜,能给我们的孩子提供这样良好的 学习环境,全赖家长们的参与。学校的发展,在于大家的共同努力。为了我们孩子和学校的未来,只要你是西北中文学校中英文兼通的家长,请参选我们的董事会。 如果你真觉得自己不合适当董事,请看看自己周围,谁合适?The Board of Directors of the NWCS has openings for new directors.  It is your opportunity to help set the future course for the school.  If you are a Chinese-English bilingual parent in NWCS, please apply for one of the four positions on the school Board.
Steps for candidates of becoming a Board member:

1. Submit your resume by April 25th to
2. Answer several questions within 48 hours after you received them from CNE (Committee of Nomination and Election)
3. All candidates will be presented to the Board with their answers of the questionnaire.
4. All candidates will be voted silently at the AGMM (Annual General Members Meeting) in May, if CNE receives more candidates than the open positions. Candidates who get the highest votes at the AGMM will be elected.

Used Book Fair 将在四月底举行 Volunteers needed
我们计划在 427日和 54日举行下一次的二手图书和 DVD展销。如果您有多余的电影DVD和图书,可以在 330日和 46日把它捐给PTA desk。请只带来尚持完好状况的二手儿童,少儿和成人读物,游戏,电影。请不要捐杂志或玩具。如果您有时间为展销会服务,请和 联系。PTA is planning to hold another Used Book Fair on 4/27 and 5/4. So, start clearing out those shelves at home as you make room for new treasures! We accept used books in good condition, from picture books, to early reader, chapter books, and even grown-up books, puzzles, games and movies. Please no magazines, or toys. We will be accepting donations on 3/30 and 4/6 at the PTA desk. If you are available to help at the sale, please contact for more details.

免费财经讲座 Free financial seminar
免责声明所有参与投资理财演讲的家长,应考虑投资本身的风险性,斟酌决定自己投资的可能性。西北中文学校提供演讲的场地,核实主讲人公司和其公众演讲许可证明,对家长个人投资错误或演讲内容误差一概不负任何责任。Parents who participate financial planning seminars should evaluate his or her own risk tolerance level and possibility before doing any investments.  NWCS provides classrooms for presenters, review and confirm each presenter’s company and their approved public appearance. NWCS is not responsible for any individual investment loss or errors in presenter’s materials.

本周主题为『美国金融地产大趋势』,从宏观的角度来说,美国的人口结构及经济在未来5~10年会有怎么样的趋势?而这样的趋是将如何影响美国房地产走势?我们如何利用各种不同的金融工具,因应这样的改变,同时保护我们的资产。内容精彩丰富, 欢迎踊跃参加!
主讲:Albert Chang
时间:March 23rd from 12-1pm
地点Room# 1201 (steps further from the PTA desk)

Pacific NW Cultural Exchange Council presents 大型交响音乐会
An exciting fusion of Chinese folk melodies and American symphonic music! Instruments unique to China are featured, as well as traditional Western classical instruments. Performers are from China, Korea, Canada and the US.
Sunday April 21st, 7pm at Benaroya Hall in Seattle
Ticket sales: PTA desk or contact Austin at 360-224-4888 ask for NWCS discount 20% off by March 31st 

华夏将于201346日晚7点主办第二届音乐演唱会,主题为“万紫千红歌满园”。期间会有西北中文学校的小朋友参加演出三首合唱曲目。欢迎家长带孩子来看演出。为回馈中文学校,所有中文学校家长都享受12/张的优惠价 (原价为15元)。 而且每张成人票可以免费带一个4尺以下的孩子入场。
Ticket sales: PTA desk or call 206-368-9570
演唱音乐会地址:Westminster chapel of Bellevue 13646 NE 24th St, Bellevue, WA

家长值勤安排 Parent-on-duty
The next classes for parent-on-duty are as follows:
            Mar 23             AM – 5B;  PM – 2C

Each class will need 2 parents for safety patrol, and 2 parents for the gift certificate sales.  AM refers to classes starting at 9am, and PM refers to classes starting at 12noon.  Please inform the parents of the specific duties and procedures.

Safety patrol  Safety patrol parents 
must arrive before 8:45 for morning classes and before 11:45 for afternoon classes, and stay until about 30 minutes after classes begin.   The parents should get the safety patrol jackets from the principal's desk.  The duties include directing traffic  outside of the school building, and ensuring that students walk safely in the school premises.

Gift certificate sales  Gift certificate sales parents can get the gift certificates from the accountant, Ms. Xu Min at the admin desk.  Please remember to record the classes for which the certificates are purchases, because 
5% of the proceeds go to the respective class funds.  Morning parents should stay until 10:50, and afternoon parents should stay until 1:30.

Please take a look at the overall 
class duty calendar to know your class' scheduled date, and prepare to organize the parent duties about 2 weeks ahead of time. If you have any questions or your role has been transferred to other parents, please contact Minggang Li at:

日程表  For your calendar 

23 Free Financial seminar
23, All three LEGO classes
30 Donate Used Books/DVDs in good condition to PTA desk
30 Deadline of Pre-ordering CNY show DVD/Blue-Rays

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