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NWCS PTA Weekly Email 6/9/2011

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Hi all parents, teachers and students at NWCS,

This will be the last PTA weekly email for this semester. Happy Summer Break!

NWCS Library - Come and Check Out Materials For the Whole Summer!

This Saturday 6/11 will be the last day of our school year. You can check out movies and TV series, including new collections and children's materials for the entire summer. The fees are the same and you will have much more time to enjoy those long TV series you have always wanted to watch. We also have the popular
英汉双解中文字典 for sale. Our library station is located next to the admin desk. The hours are from 9:30am to 12:30pm. All proceeds go to NWCS PTA.   

年度野餐会School Picnic
Please check out the info HERE.



     6/11/2011西北中文学校年度野餐会期间,滕胜毅牙齿矫正专科诊所滕医师将从4点到7点服务中文学校,现场为家长们关于孩子牙齿矫正的各类问题提供咨询,并赠送牙膏(适合旅行用)。可以先打电话给滕医师诊所预约咨询时间。电话:206-380-5245 或者 email to , 或访问www. 内有大量图文并茂的矫正常识[有中文]
     滕医师是有二十四年牙科临床经验的口腔矫正专家,毕业于纽约哥伦比亚大学口腔牙齿矫正专科。他也是西北中文学校 "滕勝毅牙齒矯正作文奖"的创建人。

Back and Neck Pain Centers
Dr. Esther Cheng and Dr. Albert Wu from Back and Neck Pain Centers will present on this event. They will provide a free spinal check-up and a free consultation for your health.

Tahoma Clinic
Feel Well.
Our approach to health focuses on listening to our patients, evaluating their current state of health, and finding workable solutions for long term health goals.

Conditions we commonly treat include: hormonal abnormalties, cardiovascular disease, fatigue, autoimmune conditions, IBS and digestive disorders, skin disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis, mood disorders, and many more.

We incorporate merging allopathic and naturopathic treatments.

For more information, please see our  and

Regular PTA Services:

Prize Station:  Open from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm

Seminars and Gift Certificates Sale are NOT available

Other Chinese Community News:


Chinese Movie Information
Beijing Taxi -  A Film by Miao Wang

Set against the backdrop of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, BEIJING TAXI is a timely, uncensored and richly cinematic portrait of China's ancient capital as it undergoes a profound transformation. The film takes an intimate and compelling look at the lives of three cab drivers as they confront modern issues and changing values. Through their daily struggles infused with humor and quiet determination, BEIJING TAXI reveals the complexity and contradictions of China's shifting paradigm.

NOMINATED - Best Feature Doc - SXSW 2010
WINNER - Best Feature Doc - Sidewalk FF 2010
WINNER - Best Director - Duke City Docfest 2010

This movie will be on Northwest Film Forum in Seattle on June 11-16.
The director Miao Wang will be in the theater in person on June 11.

June 11-16, 2011
North West Film Forum - Seattle, WA
Director Miao Wang in person 6/11
Master class workshop with Miao Wang on 6/12

June 10-16, 2011
Olympia Film Society - Olympia, WA
Director Miao Wang in person 6/10 @ 6:30pm

This movie is highly acclaimed in the press.

"Poignant... Seamless"  – The New York Times
"Mesmerizing"  – **Critics’ Pick** New York Magazine
"Engrossing... Imagistic ... Revealing" – Variety
"An Outstanding Ride"  – Huffington Post
“Evocative” – The Wall Street Journal Speakeasy
"Strikingly gorgeous... revelatory... It's not just valuable for the record, it's elegant in the process." – Greencine




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