Thursday, June 9, 2011

NWCS Annual Picnic 2011

Hi all,

Thanks for signing up for our school’s summer picnic!

Here’s some information hopefully be of help to you:

1.      Time:     3pm-7pm, Saturday 6/11.  
Place:    North Picnic Shelter of Marymoor Park (6046 W Lake Sammamish Parkway NE, Redmond)
Parking: Note: the park requires $1 parking fee per car. There is plenty of parking space in the park. Please refer to the attached map for suggested parking lot. All other lots are OK, too.

2.      Bring your own dish if you can, as it’s a pot-luck party. Fruits like watermelon are also welcome. Also you are welcome to bring toys to play.

3.      To help people know each other, we will have a reception desk and provide blank name tags. When you arrive, check in at the desk and write your name on the tags. We’ll also have a small gift for each child at the desk.

4.      Food will get served starting 4pm. According to the registration sheet, we will have a big crowd this year. Please try to avoid getting food at the same time. We will have people help distribute food and please wait in line.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you at the picnic!

Hailin Jiang

Event Sponsors:


     6/11/2011西北中文学校年度野餐会期间,滕胜毅牙齿矫正专科诊所滕医师将从4点到7点服务中文学校,现场为家长们关于孩子牙齿矫正的各类问题提供咨询,并赠送牙膏(适合旅行用)。可以先打电话给滕医师诊所预约咨询时间。电话:206-380-5245 或者 email to , 或访问www. 内有大量图文并茂的矫正常识[有中文]
     滕医师是有二十四年牙科临床经验的口腔矫正专家,毕业于纽约哥伦比亚大学口腔牙齿矫正专科。他也是西北中文学校 "滕勝毅牙齒矯正作文奖"的创建人。

Tahoma Clinic

Feel Well.
Our approach to health focuses on listening to our patients, evaluating their current state of health, and finding workable solutions for long term health goals.

Conditions we commonly treat include: hormonal abnormalties, cardiovascular disease, fatigue, autoimmune conditions, IBS and digestive disorders, skin disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis, mood disorders, and many more.

We incorporate merging allopathic and naturopathic treatments.

For more information, please see our and

Back and Neck Pain Centers

Dr. Esther Cheng and Dr. Albert Wu from Back and Neck Pain Centers will present on this event. They will provide a free spinal check up and a free consultation for your health.
Web site:


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