Thursday, February 24, 2011

NWCS PTA Weekly Email 2/17/2011

PTA this week:

1.      本周六放假, 无课.  NO SCHOOL this coming Saturday.

2.  “山歌好比春江水” 民俗歌舞晚会
去年新成立的西雅图歌舞团将以“山歌好比春江水”为主题,于201135日举行首场演出(详情请看附件)。这场演出以歌剧“刘三姐” 精选片段为主,形式新颖不凡。参加演出的有著名艺术家及资深专业演员,也有本地业余文艺爱好者及演员(其中包括我们中文学校的家长和教师)。希望得到您的支持!
演出分下午及晚间两场,地点为Northshore Performing Arts Center。现在7PM晚场票已基本售完。2:30PM下午场已开始售票,票价为$15(原价$20), $10(原价$15), NWCS学生票只售$5。咨询及购票请电425-445-8885, 206-388-2362 or Email

The newly established Seattle Ensemble of Song and Dance will make its first public performance on March 5, 2011.
Please see the attachments (Chinese and English) for more information. We have afternoon show (2:30pm) tickets on sell for $15, $10 and $5 (NWCS students). To order tickets please contact 425-445-8885, 206-388-2362 or Email
3.      我们给春节活动的义工准备的小礼物还有一部分没有被领取. 请尚未领取的义工下周六到PTA Desk来领.
We have some small gifts for the volunteers of our Chinese New Year event. Some of them are not picked up yet. For those who haven’t got them, please come to PTA desk to pick them up next Saturday.

4.      春节联欢会的演出录像我们已制作到光盘上. 有意索取的个人请给PTAemail订购. 每张我们收取$5工本费. 春节活动的照片我们近期会放到学校的网站上. 请留意.
We have the video recording of the CNY Show available for $5 a copy. Please send email to PTA if you would like to order. We’ll upload the pictures of our CNY event to our school web site shortly. Please keep an eye on the web site ( )

5.      学校附近的晶晶超市( )本周六正式开业. 我们已与其达成协议, 从下周起我们会在原有大华和百佳的礼券基础上, 增加晶晶的礼券销售. 其购买使用办法与前两者一致.
The JingJing Asian Market near our school will have its grand opening on this coming Saturday. We have reached agreement with them to sell gift certificates for them at our school starting next Saturday,  in addition to the Ranch 99 and Bai Jia certificates we have been selling. The way to purchase and use the certificates is the same as the other two.

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