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NWCS PTA weekly communications 11/21/2013

1.             西北中文学校品德教育 Virtues education at NWCS
2.             马年春节联欢会节目报名最后一周 Only about one week left until closing of the CNY show registration
3.             北美高层次人才创业大赛
4.             免费讲座 Free seminars sponsored by PTA
5.             入住美国后饮食调适过程研究
6.             家长值勤安排 Parent-on-duty
7.             日程表 For your calendar
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西北中文学校品德教育  Virtues education at NWCS 
良好的品行对孩子和家长有重大意义。如果孩子在课堂上的良好行为得到老师和家长的认可和鼓励,孩子会感受到他的行为的价值所在,能成为其他孩子的榜样。老师和家长的一个小小的,及时的认可和鼓励往往能对孩子今后的学习、工作、生活都起到终生的影响。PTA和学校从本学期开始,每月选择一个品德主题,和课堂老师共同推动品德教育。我们本学期选择的主题是:尊敬,责任感,同情心,诚实。本月和12月在各班倡导的品德教育是:尊敬。尊敬会表现在如何有礼貌的与人对话,如何对属于他人的东西和隐私保持一定的距离,如何对他人的想法表示有礼貌的认可。尊敬不光是需要对他人表现,也要对自己。尊敬会使人在每天的日常生活中有价值感。Practicing Virtues (品德) in the classroom takes only minutes but the acknowledgement of Virtues by a child’s teacher and parent may impact a child’s life forever. As our children are learning academic excellence, Virtues help empower each child and parent to live a more meaningful life. Virtues are part of our daily lives – Parents to raise children of compassion and integrity, teachers to create safe, caring and high performing learning communities, leaders to encourage excellence and ethics in the work place. In order to allow our children really understand Virtues, we think the best way is to learn Virtues in action. PTA would like to work with teachers in the classroom this school year to practice the following virtues: 1.Respect (尊敬); 2.Responsibilities (责任感); 3. Compassion (同情心); 4. Honesty (诚实). For the rest of the month November and December, we start with practicing Virtue RESPECT in the class. With respectfulness people’s privacy and personal belongs would not be violated. With respect people will not speak rudely to each other and treat others as if they don’t matter. With self-respect you would not let others use you or hurt you. Being respectful helps people feel valued, every day.
春节联欢会节目报名截止日1130  only about 1 week left until closing of the 2014 Chinese New Year show registration
Until Nov 30th, we need the following content for your Chinese New Year program submission: 1. program title in both Chinese and English; 2. your class, name of the performer(s); 3. type of your program. 4. contact info of the program organizers; 5. program length and duration; 6. Brief description of your program. Please submit your program on the YouTube (private links only) by 11/30. We will audit your program based on that. We will also have an onsite audition schedule on 12/7 and 12/14. Based on the YouTube and Onsite audition, the final program selection will be made. We strongly encourage and will give priority consideration to high quality Chinese-language related programs. If you have any questions please email

第四届北美创业大赛详情见 西雅图赛区选拔赛暨第一届西雅图创业大赛将于20131111日在西雅图启动,由西雅图创业协会承办。将经过三轮评选,总决赛在201415日在加州圣塔克拉拉会议中心盛大举行(Santa Clara Convention center)。组织者定于本周六十二点在中文学校的2105教室为大家现场问答。欢迎大家光临参加。
免费讲座 Free seminars sponsored by PTA
免责声明所有参与投资理财演讲的家长,应考虑投资本身的风险性,斟酌决定自己投资的可能性。西北中文学校提供演讲的场地,核实主讲人公司和其公众演讲许可证明,对家长个人投资错误或演讲内容误差一概不负任何责任。Parents who participate financial planning seminars should evaluate his or her own risk tolerance level and possibility before doing any investments.  NWCS provides classrooms for presenters, review and confirm each presenter’s company and their approved public appearance. NWCS is not responsible for any individual investment loss or errors in presenter’s materials.
A.  美国顶尖大学是这样考取的: 成功家教范例献给学生及家长 Parenting seminar by author of the book Dream College Admissions Made Possible  
一个中国父亲送走两名顶尖大学生后的反思和建议。引用姜医生自己的话说:我和我的妻子都是第一代移民到美国。我们在这个国家没有正式的课堂教育经历。我们花了多年的时间去摸索美国的教育系统。我们犯了不少的失误也走了很多的弯路; 但从中也获得了丰富的经验。我真诚地希望我们的反思和经历能为现在的和将来的年轻父母们提供一些指导和参考. 如果我们的孩子能进入美国顶尖大学, 没有谁家的孩子不能进入他们梦想的大学. 在研讨会结束后,还有签书仪式。A reflection and advice from a Chinese parent who sent two students to top colleges. Here is the seminar introduction with Dr. Jiang’s own words: ”My wife and I are first-generation immigrants to the United States. We did not have formal classroom experience in this country. It took us many years of trial and error to navigate the American educational system. If our children can do it, so can any student in America. It is our sincere hope that our reflections provide some guidance for all present and future parents in preparing children for their dream colleges.” At the end of the seminar, you can purchase his book onsite and there will be a book signing in the classroom.
主讲/Speaker: Dr. Peter Jiang (in English and Chinese)
时间/Time: 11/23/2013 from 11-12pm
地点/Room: 1112  
B. Alzheimer research and current findings - hosted by UW Research center Dr. Gail Li
Gail Li, MD, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the UW, a Co-Associate Director of the UW Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) Clinical Core, as well as a UW ADRC research principal investigator (PI). Dr. Li has studied the genetics of schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease, and she is currently investigating spinal fluid biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease, as well as vascular risk and protective factors for Alzheimer's disease in a community-based population. Dr. Li will be speaking about Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, what we know about their causes, and what the current treatments are.
Speaker: Dr. Gail Li (in English)
Time: 11/23/2013 from 11-12pm
Room: 1201  
C.  西雅图分校理财讲座
主讲:     Albert Chang
时间: 11/23/2013 from 12:30-1:30pm
地点:     room 129 at Seattle Branch   
华大博士生刘仪君正在寻找约8名志愿的研究对象来一起参与一场90分钟的焦点团体访谈会。符合条件的有志者,请和博士生刘仪君联系。访谈会地点: 西北中文学校PTA desk;  时间: 11/23 上午9:30- 11:00。研究对象将一起讨论入住美国后饮食调适过程的个人经历并获赠30美元的礼卡。对象资格: 在美国居住尚未超过5年并且至少18岁并且是华裔且会说华语并且是位母亲,正在养育至少一名未成年子女。详情请电邮:; 电话(206) 953-8637
家长值勤安排 Parent-on-duty
The next classes for parent-on-duty are as follows:
            Nov 16             AM - 1B/9A;  PM - 8C

Each class will need 2 parents for safety patrol, and 2 parents for the gift certificate sales.  AM refers to classes starting at 9am, and PM refers to classes starting at 12noon.  Please inform the parents of the specific duties and procedures.

Safety patrol  Safety patrol parents must arrive before 8:45 for morning classes and before 11:45 for afternoon classes, and stay until about 30 minutes after classes begin.   The parents should get the safety patrol jackets from the principal's desk.  The duties include directing traffic  outside of the school building, and ensuring that students walk safely in the school premises.

Gift certificate sales  Gift certificate sales parents can get the gift certificates from the accountant, Ms. Yi Qiufang at the admin desk.  Please remember to record the classes for which the certificates are purchases, because 5% of the proceeds go to the respective class funds.  Morning parents should stay until 10:50, and afternoon parents should stay until 1:30.

Please take a look at the overall
class duty calendar to know your class' scheduled date, and prepare to organize the parent duties about 2 weeks ahead of time. If you have any questions or your role has been transferred to other parents, please contact Li, Minggang at:

Thank you.

日程表  For your calendar  
23 Virtue education starts at NWCS – Respect
23 LEGO classes continue in room 1114
30 No school - Thanksgiving
30 Final day to submit 2014 Chinese New Year (CNY) performance program proposals
07 CNY performance audition 
14 CNY performance audition
21 Winter break – holidays
28 Winter break – holidays
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