Thursday, April 26, 2012


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When driving on campus, NWCS parents please follow the traffic rules and exercise common courtesy, especially when dropping off your kids in the morning. Every Saturday, we see parents who stop where they're not supposed to, for example at the four-way stop sign or where the curb is painted red (which means NO STOP at any time). as a result traffic gets backed up. This is our constant reminder that please drive with caution, courtesy and follow the rules.

董事会选举Board Member Election
学校会在六月期末的时候举行全校年会. 届时会补选两位董事, 以填补期满离职的董事的空缺. 选举委员会(CNE)已于近期成立, 并将用cne@nwchinese.org邮箱向全校家庭征集报名并进行选举. 请注意有关邮件.

We are seeking applicants for two board members. The Committee of Nomination and Election has been formed and will send email to the entire school asking for applicants and announcing the election procedures.

PTA Weekly Services

NWCS Library Opens This Saturday
NWCS library will be open this Saturday from 9:30am to 12:30pm. We have DVD movies and TV series  including children's materials in the library. We also have the popular 英汉双解中文字典 for sale. All proceeds go to NWCS PTA.
If you have library materials that are due, please return them during library hours. 

Parent-On-Duty: (see class duty calendar for the entire semester)
This week (4/21/2011): AMclass 3F, PM: class 7C
Next time (4/28/2011): AM:   class 7A, PM: class 8C

讲座 (PTA Seminars)
There is NO more Family Education Seminar for the rest of this semester. 
Prize Station:      
Open this week from 10:30am to 1pm.

Gift Certificates Sale:
Every Saturday from 9:10AM to 11:40AM and from 11:50AM to 1:40PM at PTA Desk (near admin table).

Chinese Community News

CIE Scholarship Program  
Our 10th annual scholarship application just started. Application period begins April 9, 2012 and ends June 15. If you could post it weekly or bi-weekly until June 15th, we'd greatly appreciate it.
     The CIE-Seattle APA Youth Scholarship program is a motivation program designed to promote APA (Asian Pacific Americans) career interest in the fields of science, engineering, and technology. There are three award categories covering 7th graders to undergraduate college students with a total award amount of $4000. The program is not only an opportunity for students to win the scholarship to be recognized for their achivements, but also to learn the process to put things together, to ask for recommendation letter, to reflect upon where they are and where they want to go. Application period begins April 9, 2012 and ends June 15. More information can be found at or in the attached file.


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