Friday, March 30, 2012


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Microsoft Match Donation Notice
多数身为微软员工的家长知道, 微软可以根据其员工在西北中文学校做义工的时间给予我们学校相应的match donation 每隔一段时间微软会将一批处理过的款项捐给学校。 学校通常尊重义工的意见,将一部分该款项拨与其指定的班级作为对该班级的支持。 最近有一批微软的捐款到达学校, 学校已尽力通知有关义工。 但是仍有部分义工没有联系上。 如果你在几个月前向微软申请过match donation,但并未收到学校的通知, 请和徐敏联系:

If you have applied for Microsoft’s match donation in the past few months but haven’t heard from school about such donation, please contact Min Xu: Thanks.

春晚DVD本周继续在PTA销售  Chinese New Year Performance DVDs are still available for sale at PTA table this week

PTA Weekly Services

NWCS Library Opens This Saturday
NWCS library will be open this Saturday from 9:30am to 12:30pm. We have DVD movies and TV series  including children's materials in the library. We also have the popular 英汉双解中文字典 for sale. All proceeds go to NWCS PTA.
If you have library materials that are due, please return them during library hours. 

Parent-On-Duty: (see class duty calendar for the entire semester)
This week (3/17/2011): AMclass 5B, 7B, PM: class 3C
Next time (3/24/2011): AM:  class K-A, K-B,  PM: class 4C

讲座 (PTA Seminars)

家庭教育讲座 Family Education  主讲 (speaker):     程远教授  Prof. Cheng Yuan    
11AM–12PM              CLASSROOM 1112

张老师投资理财系列讲座 SEMINAR ON INVESTMENT     
本周为这学期的第2堂课,讲座专题为『2012黄金退休计划之节税篇』,我们将会分析2012年以后的所得税趋势,同时我们会讨论联准会量化宽松对市场造成的影响,我们也会分享如何利用保险的增值及其他理财工具为自己打造退休后的收入。以下是本课程的时间地点:1pm-2pm, CLASSROOM 1201

Prize Station:      
Open this week from 10:30am to 1pm.

Gift Certificates Sale:
Every Saturday from 9:10AM to 11:40AM and from 11:50AM to 1:40PM at PTA Desk (near admin table).


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