Thursday, October 27, 2011


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Special Notification:
This Saturday NHS Volleyball team will have playoffs at the school.   The games will not be starting until 1:00 PM, they may use the Upper Gym before that. Parents please be aware.

 本周重复一下上周的内容, 以便让上次错过email的家庭得以知晓.
春节联欢晚会2012筹委会( 向全校征集优秀节目, 鼓励各个班级,团体和个人准备节目积极参与报名, 节目类型不限. 初选以后的节目会参加 audition. 目前已有的一些信息和大家分享一下. 后续如有其它细节会陆续发布.

1.   时间:  2:00pm~5:00pm Sunday 1/29/2012
地点:Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center,  400 S. 2ND St., Renton, WA 98057

2.   演出报名的截止日期为11/15/2011. 报名地址:

3.   赞助:我们希望大家都来帮忙为我们的活动募款. 志愿为学校寻找赞助的人士, 或有意赞助我们此次活动的人士,或请与PTA联系:

The year of Dragon is coming! As a tradition we will celebrate our Chinese new year by having a great performance at NWCS. The CNY Performance Committee ( is calling for performance signups.

1.   Time2:00pm~5:00pm Sunday 1/29/2012
VenueRenton IKEA Performing Arts Center,  400 S. 2ND St., Renton, WA 98057

2.   The deadline for performance sign-up is 11/15/2011. Please send emails to  to sign up.

3.   Sponsoring the event: If you would like to sponsor or volunteer to look for sponsors please contact us at and we will give you the details on how to help.

PTA Weekly Services

NWCS Library
NWCS library is located near the admin desk. The hour is from 9:45am to 12:30pm . If you have any library materials that are due, please return them during library hours so others can enjoy them.
We have DVD movies and TV series  including children's materials in the library. We also have the popular 英汉双解中文字典 for sale. All proceeds go to NWCS PTA.

Parent-On-Duty: (see class duty calendar for the entire semester)
This week (10/29/2011): AMclass 1B, PM: class 7C
Next time (11/5/2011):  AM:  class 6A,  PM: class 8C

讲座 (PTA Seminars)
家庭教育讲座 Family Education  主讲 (speaker):     程远教授  Prof. Cheng Yuan    
11AM–12PM              CLASSROOM 1112

本系列讲座由张老师理财团队对我校广大家长教师免费提供,每周六同一时段、同一教室开讲,本周讲座专题为『如何利用保险增加退休收入同时合法节税? 主要会会与大家分享如何利用保险的税务优势,做为儿女教育基金的一部份,同时累积现金值做为退休收入的一部分.
1PM-2PM                   CLASSROOM 1201

Prize Station:      
Open this week from 10:30am to 1pm.

Gift Certificates Sale:
Every Saturday from 9:10AM to 11:40AM and from 11:50AM to 1:40PM at PTA Desk (near admin table).
News:   We added certificates from HMART, starting last week. The week the Ranch 99 and Jingjing certificates will also be available. Baijia’s is still out of stock, due to reasons on the merchant.

Other Notifications:

太极拳是有益的健身运动, 也是中国国粹. 这里给大家介绍一个在微软附近的杨氏太极拳馆. 望对大家平时有用. 请参阅附件. 另外家长所交学费有一部分会被用于赞助学校和孩子的班级, 类似于我们已有的礼券制度.


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