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NWCS PTA Weekly email 09/29/2011

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Volunteers, Volunteering:

               学校PTA衷心欢迎有意愿帮学校建设得更好的人士加入我们的行列. 请看以下内容. 联系请email
Want to make the school a better place? Want to benefit your own children and others? Want to get to know a lot of people and have fun? Join us at school PTA!  We welcome anyone who are interested in these areas:
1.      PTA chair
2.      Event organizing ( e.g. parent seminars, etc. )
3.      Fund raising
4.      Communications ( such as this weekly email )
5.      Prize station/Library

为学校及班级捐献的方法 Ways to donate to the school and classes:

               如果想为学校或班级给予经济上的捐助, 有几种办法:
1.      直接捐款. 可以和PTAAdmin联系 ( email:, )
2.      有的公司(如微软)提供volunteer matching program. 可以就你在学校的volunteer时间向公司申请match. 另外请记得在学校的志愿者工作时间登记表上做记录.
3.      购买学校出售的大华, 百佳, 晶晶等的礼券. 商家捐献6%的金额给你指定的班级.

Tips for contributing to your class and school:
1.      Direct donation to school or class. Please contact PTA or admin. ( email:, )
2.      Some companies like Microsoft match your volunteering hours at NWCS with monetary donation. If your company does, please make sure you make the matching request if you volunteered at NWCS, and log your hours here: -> Volunteer time logs
3.      Buy gift certificates sold at school and your class benefits from it ( 6% of your purchase ).

请查看你的email地址是否有效  Please check if your email address is correct

我们每次发给全校的email总是有不少被退回. 同时又总有家长说没收到email. 我们的email 地址是从每个家庭在学校的账户中来的. 如果家长输入有误或换了邮件地址我们无从知道如何修改. 对于长期给我们产生退信的地址, 我们只好进行删除. 请各位家长登录学校的账户, 确认你留的所有地址均正确. 此举是确保大家能够收到我们的email. 如果你发现有家长根本不知学校email这回事, 请告之去学校网站登录. 另外, 我们强烈建议大家使用自己的个人邮箱. 使用公司邮箱不仅往往不符合公司的政策, 而且会造成邮件被拦截. 比如我们总是收到波音公司的退信. 目前不拦截的公司不代表以后也不拦截. 所以鼓励大家使用个人信箱.

We keep getting bounced emails every time we send out a broadcast email. As the same time there’s complaints from some parents that they never got any emails. The email addresses we use are from the user accounts that you set up at our school’s website. If you don’t make it right, or change your emails, such thing happens and we can’t fix it for you. For repeat bounce emails, we’ll have to delete the email addresses in the user accounts. Please log in to your account and verify that if your email addresses are correct. Also, we strongly recommend using personal emails rather than work emails. Using work email is not only inappropriate according to company policies, often time it causes mail loss.

NWCS Library Notice

NWCS library is located near the admin desk. The hour is from 9:15am to 12:30pm . If you have checked out library materials before the summer, please return them during library hours this Saturday.
We have DVD movies and TV series  including children's materials in the library. We also have the popular 英汉双解中文字典 for sale. All proceeds go to NWCS PTA.

NWCS Parents Dancing classes

For all parents who are interested in taking dancing lessons, please join the following two classes offered free to NWCS parents:
9am to 11am: Ballroom Dancing Class (国标舞). Teacher: Wu, Jun Ying
1pm to 2pm: Chinese Dancing Class (民族舞). Teacher: He, Lu

Weekly Services –

Parent-On-Duty: (see class duty calendar for the entire semester)
This week (10/1/2011): AMclass Pre-A, PM: class 4C
Next time (10/8/2011):  AM:  class K-A,    PM: class K-C

讲座 (PTA Seminars)
主题 (subject): 家庭教育讲座 Family Education
主讲 (speaker):     程远教授  Prof. Cheng Yuan    
地点 (location):    Room 1111时间 (time):          11:00 – 12:00

Prize Station:       Open from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Gift Certificates Sale:  
Every Saturday from 9:10AM to 11:40AM and from 11:50AM to 1:40PM at PTA Desk (near admin table).

Other Notifications:

参加为什么学中文比赛 iPad 2!   Join the “Why Learn Chinese” competition and win iPad 2!
Who: Middle and high school students in the state of WA
What: online essay/video competition for students
When: Oct 1—Oct 31, 2011
Awards ceremony at the Seattle Chinese Garden.
Please refer to the attachment for detailed info.


西雅图华人歌友会将于20111015日星期六在 Mercer Island Presbyterian Church 举办《岁月如歌》金秋演唱会,届时将邀请五月合唱团加盟同台演出。

地址:3605 84th Ave.SE,  Mercer IslandWA98040
订票请联系: Frank Jiang: 425-965-8050

该讲座由彭春云律师主讲,内容涉及包括投资移民在内的各类移民现行政策、法律法规。CLASSROOM 1112, 11AM-12:30PM.OCTOBER 8TH, 2011


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