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NWCS PTA Weekly Email 3/24/2011

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捐助日本地震海啸的灾民  ( Help the people in Japan in earthquake and tsunami disaster )
上周有不少同学和家长来到我们在PTA table设立的捐款箱, 对地震海啸灾难中的人们献出自己的爱心. 谢谢!  本周我们仍然会设捐款箱, 对于不介意tax deduction的捐项, 希望大家来PTA Table. 钱数不在多少, 在于提供爱心. 各位家长, 这也是对孩子的一种品德与爱的教育.  欢迎你们和孩子一起来, 参与到奉献的活动中来. 对于数额较大, 或有税务考虑的捐款, 我们推荐大家去 选择自己满意的机构.
Many students and parents came to PTA table last week to donate for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. Thank you!  This week we’ll still set up the donation box to welcome small donations. For larger amount or for tax deduction purpose, we recommend for you to consider.

我校书画作品在Sammamish City Hall 的展览已圆满结束,并得到了很高的评价,他们给每个参展者送一张谢卡。这周六(9/26, 9:30 -1:00),请大家前来学校 PTA 处领回作品和卡。

河北杂技团访问西雅图表演 ( Acrobat Show by Chinese Acrobats of Hebei )
对已经在PTA预订演出票的家庭, 我们本周开始收票款. 请大家到PTA table交款. 预计再下一次学校上课时我们可以把票发给大家. 5月8日7pm 及 5月9日 1:30pm尚可接受预订. 请有意购买但尚未预定的家长给PTA回email.
We will start collecting ticket payments for the Chinese acrobat show this coming Saturday at PTA table. We estimate that we can get the tickets on the next school day. It’s still possible to book the tickets for 5/8 7pm and 5/9 1:30pm show. Please email PTA if you wish to do so.

中国签证服务 ( Chinese Visa Service )
暑期将至, 想要回中国度假的家庭往往需要办中国签证. 为给大家提供方便, PTA将于四月底或五月初请签证代办机构到学校来接受大家的签证申请. 具体时间稍后通知. 另外, 对于需要中国护照服务的家庭, 我们过些时候会提供有关信息到哪里办理.
Summer break is on people’s radar, which means there will be a wave of Chinese visa applications coming soon. To provide convenience to everyone, PTA will invite certain agency to collect applications at our school in late April or early May. We will notify everyone about the details in the near future. Also, for people who want Chinese passport service, we will notify you about the time and location when we get concrete information about that.

Weekly Services -
1.   Parent-On-Duty:
This week (3/26/2011): AM  class K-E, PM: class 5C
Next time (4/9/2011):   AM:  class Pre-A,  PM: class 7C

2.   讲座(PTA Seminars)
主题 (subject):          Beauty Seminar - Young Forever
Angela Han is a former Chinese class teacher in NWCS. She is an experienced beauty and fashion professional. In the 2nd session of Beauty Seminar, Angela will continue her presentation of "Young forever".
    1. Different skin type needs different skincare.
    2. Quick Makeup-Method
    3. Q&A
主讲 (speaker):       Angela Han   
地点 (location):        Room #1112
时间 (time):             11:00 - 12:00pm

主题 (subject):         家庭教育讲座系列
主讲 (speaker):       程远 教授
地点 (location):        Room #1111
时间 (time):             11:00 - 12:00pm

3.   NWCS Library:
All DVDs borrowed this week will last for 2 weeks. You don’t need to return them until 4/9 after the spring break.Come to our library and check out movies and TV series, including new Children's DVDs. We also have 英汉双解中文字典 for sale. Our library station is located next to the admin desk. The hours are from 9:30am to 12:30pm.  All proceeds go to NWCS PTA.

4.   Prize Station:
     Open from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm.

5.   Gift Certificates Sale:
Every Saturday from 9:10AM to 11:40AM and from 11:50AM to 1:40PM at PTA Desk (Next to Library).

* Seattle Branch:  There will be gift cerrtificate sales starting this coming Saturday at Seattle  branch. Please check it out there.


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