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NWCS PTA weekly communications 1/31/2014 special edition

PTA在此向大家拜年,祝你新年万事如意, 马到成功
1.    春晚票热销 Your CNY ticket pick-up ready at PTA desk
2.    联欢会入场注意事项 things to keep in mind at the CNY
3.    请不要忘了注册春季学期的课程 Please don't forget to register for Spring semester
家长值勤安排 Parent-on-duty
日程表 For your calendar  
PTA非常荣幸地宣布我们马年春晚的白金赞助商是:万事达大学助学金及税务规划中心Our CNY Platinum Sponsor is: Michael Chen, Founder of Mastermind College Fin Aid & Tax Planning Group.  With our heartfelt appreciation, we would like to thank him to be our second year Platinum sponsor for NWCS CNY show!
由衷的感谢春晚的白银赞助商: 西雅图中文电台 our silver sponsor is: Chinese Radio Seattle. 台标 AM 1150 starts daily at 9pm. 
2014马年春节联欢会售票正在热销!Ticket can be picked up at PTA desk this Sat
Purchased tickets are not refundable!
人生乐事包括过春节和看着孩子天真烂漫的成长。过几天我们正好有机会同时品味这两样乐事,那就是2月2日我们自己的联欢会。西北中文的春节联欢会年年为大家带来无穷的欢乐,因为每一个节目都是我校的孩子,家长和老师的辛苦结晶。超级杯年年有,而孩子一年一个样,所以不能错过孩子们的表演。我们的2014CNY售票网站 将在1月31日晚上11点关闭,过后请在演出当天现场购票。除了演员免票进场以外,所有的观众都要凭票进场,票价为每位 $8元。请打印出购票凭据,在本2月1日星期六1点前到PTA Desk处领票。您也可以在PTA desk直接买票。如果您在星期六前不能领票,可将购票凭据在演出前到剧场入口处取票。请记住,所有已付款的门票请恕一律不能退票。Our 2014 Chinese New Year show is approaching soon.  It is among the best in the area.  Our ticket sale is ongoing.  Get yours now! Ticket price is $8 dollars. It is complimentary for each onsite performer. Please order your tickets directly from our school 2014CNY ticket sales site and print out purchase confirmation for ticket before 11pm on Friday Jan 31, and pick-up at the PTA desk by 1pm on Sat., Feb 1. If you missed the online purchase, Will Call service is provided at the Theater entrance as well. Please don’t forget to bring your purchase confirmation for the Will Call. Please note that all ticket sales are not refundable.
联欢会入场注意事项 Things to keep in mind at the CNY show
我们的联欢会将在2月2日下午2时开始入场,2时30分准时开 演。门票不分座号,请按时入座。如果你晚到,请在入场处听候工作人员安排,等下一个演出空档入场。如果你需要买票或领票,请早点到剧场的售票窗口办妥,以 免影响入场。Our Chinese New Year performance will be commencing on Sunday, Feb. 2.  Admission starts at 2pm, and the show starts at 2:30.  Seats are not pre-assigned.  Please enter by the start time.  If you arrive after the show starts, please wait at the entrance for the next break to enter.  If you need to purchase or pick up tickets, please allow for extra time to get them at the will-call window.
演员请按标示在剧场右边通道到后台准备, 演出完后请在指定入口进场观看表演。Performers please follow the sign to enter through the right hand side to the backstage, and enter the auditorium through designated entry to watch the show.
请不要忘了注册春季学期的课程 Please don't forget to register for Spring semester
秋季学期要结束了,随着春节的到来,我们也将迎来春季学期。请大家不要忘了为春季学期注册。With the arrival of the Spring Festival, so does the Spring semester.  Please don't forget to register for classes. Details see Admin newsletter.
家长值勤安排 Parent-on-duty
The next classes for parent-on-duty are as follows:
            Feb 01             AM - 3B;  PM - 7C
Each class will need 2 parents for safety patrol, and 2 parents for the gift certificate sales.  AM refers to classes starting at 9am, and PM refers to classes starting at 12noon.  Please inform the parents of the specific duties and procedures.

Safety patrol  Safety patrol parents
must arrive before 8:45 for morning classes and before 11:45 for afternoon classes, and stay until about 30 minutes after classes begin.   The parents should get the safety patrol jackets from the principal's desk.  The duties include directing traffic  outside of the school building, and ensuring that students walk safely in the school premises.

Gift certificate sales  Gift certificate sales parents can get the gift certificates from the accountant, Ms. Yi Qiufang at the admin desk.  Please remember to record the classes for which the certificates are purchases, because
5% of the proceeds go to the respective class funds.  Morning parents should stay until 10:50, and afternoon parents should stay until 1:30.

Please take a look at the overall class duty calendar to know your class' scheduled date, and prepare to organize the parent duties about 2 weeks ahead of time. If you have any questions or your role has been transferred to other parents, please contact Li, Minggang at:
请大家继续此项一举两得的募捐项目:Shopping at benefits school PTA!
Amazon has a school reward program. Don’t forget to click on this link to Shop at! ONLY when you shop through this link, our school will earn 4-10% free money from Amazon to support programs for students and parents. So add the link to your favorites! The Amazon link is also on our school website at Our fund can only grow when more parents, grandparents and relatives shop through this school link at Amazon.
日程表  For your calendar  
Jan 2014
31 Chinese New Year/Spring Festival
01 pickup and purchase tickets at PTA desk
01 CNY show rehearsal starts at 2pm
02 CNY show starts at 2:30pm

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