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本年度最受期待的演出之一,西北中文 学校蛇年春节联欢会 – “我们就是未来”,就快到来了!自从一个多星期前开始网上售票以来,我们的联欢会成了热门票。如果你准备参加联欢会的话,请抓紧,因为所剩票数有限。大家 别错过啊。为什么呢?第一,联欢会由我们的孩子们担纲主演,还有部份老师和家长加盟,这可是别的地方找不到的强大阵容。第二,联欢会准备了10份令人心动的奖品现场抽奖。第三,这演出只有一场,错过了可要遗憾一年的啊。不多说了,赶快!购票网站在这里


One of this year's most anticipated shows in town the NWCS 2013 Chinese New Year Celebration performance – “We are the future” is fast approaching.  Since the online ticket sale started about a week ago, the show tickets have been going fast.  If you are planning to see the performance, please hurry, as there is only a limited number of tickets left.  Join us in the celebration for (1) it is the show mainly by our children, with some by parents and teachers, an outstanding combination of cast not found anywhere else; (2) there will be a raffle of 10 precious prizes during the show; and (3) it happens only once a year.  With all that said, here is the site for online ticket purchasing.

When purchasing and picking up the tickets, please remember the following.  (1) If you purchase the tickets online, please use the same name for the purchaser and the name on the paying credit card or account.  This will make our reconciliations much more efficient.  (2)  If you plan to pick up the tickets on Jan 26, please do bring a printout of the receipt.  If you really do not have the receipt on that day for some reason, please bring the receipt to the theater on the day (Feb. 3) of the performance to pick up your tickets.  (3) If you purchase the tickets and cannot pick them up in school, also print out a receipt and bring to the entrance on performance day to pick up your tickets.

p.s. After this Saturday January 26th, all purchased tickets are not refundable!

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