春节晚会报名及审查截止日期Deadline of CNY registration and audition
2. 家庭教育真谛Parenting seminar
3. 本周财经讲座 Sponsored financial seminars
5. 家长值勤安排 Parent-on-duty
6. 日程表 For your calendar

Registration ends this Sat; Onsite or video audition is next Sat Dec. 15th
we are still in need of volunteers. Please let us know if you would like to help by registering at our New Year Celebration volunteering site. 
家庭教育真谛座谈How do parents know what we want from our children is the right decision for their lives? How can we educate our children to do the right thing even when it is not popular or no one is watching?

The combination of leadership, team player, and academic skills is needed in whatever we do. Dr. Jody McVittie, MD will speak to us about her real life experience how she has transformed herself and inspired her children to make their own decision to be their best. She will provide parents useful tools on how to motivate their children and connect with them internally to help them grow into a “whole” child who enjoy their personal and professional lives.
Date: Jan 12th 2013
Room: 1113
Time: 11am – 1pm
Fees: $10 (reduced rate with PTA sponsorship)
Registration: starts this Sat at PTA desk
First come first serve for the first 30 parents!
Dr. Jody McVittie MD is a Co-founder and Executive Director of Sound Discipline, a Seattle-based organization dedicated to teaching people to do the right thing – even when no one is looking. They give seminars to local school parents, teach tools we all can use to motivate and connect with our children. Dr. McVittie is also the mother of three young adults who have studied in Penn University and Stanford and been some of her best teachers.  
本周财经讲座 Sponsored financial seminars
免责声明: 所有参与投资理财演讲的家长,应考虑投资本身的风险性,斟酌决定自己投资的可能性。西北中文学校提供演讲的场地,核实主讲人公司和其公众演讲许可证明,对家长个人投资错误或演讲内容误差一概不负任何责任。Parents who participated financial planning seminars should evaluate his or her own risk tolerance level and possibility before doing any investments.  NWCS provides classrooms for presenters, review and confirm each presenter’s company and their approved public appearance. NWCS is not responsible for any individual investment loss or errors in presenter’s materials.
1.    菁英退休计划策略篇 我们将分享如何利计算出您退休所需要的资金如何从现在开始做好最好的准备,利用各种不同的金融工具提供退休所需要的现金流,同时保护我们401kIRA的投资。内容精彩丰富,我们同时提供点心饮料。
主讲:Albert Chang
时间:Dec 8th from 11-12pm
教室:1201 (steps further from PTA desk)
2.    如何获得有保障的终身退休金 是社会安全福利?还是公司的PENSION?还有其他选择么?本讲座让您了解获取有保障的终身退休金的几种选择。
主讲: Jamie Gu
时间: Dec 8th from 11-12 & 12 - 1pm
教室: 1103
家长值勤安排Reminder: Class PTA Lead meeting is this Sat, room 1201
The next classes for parent-on-duty are as follows:
            Dec. 8    AM - 7E;  PM - KC
coming up:
            Dec. 15  AM - 8E;  PM - KD

Each class will need 2 parents for safety patrol, and 2 parents for the gift certificate sales.  AM refers to classes starting at 9am, and PM refers to classes starting at 12noon.  Please inform the parents of the specific duties and procedures.

Safety patrol  Safety patrol parents
must arrive before 8:45 for morning classes and before 11:45 for afternoon classes, and stay until about 30 minutes after classes begin.   The parents should get the safety patrol jackets from the principal's desk.  The duties include directing traffic  outside of the school building, and ensuring that students walk safely in the school premises.

Gift certificate sales  Gift certificate sales parents can get the gift certificates from the accountant, Ms. Xu Min at the admin desk.  Please remember to record the classes for which the certificates are purchases, because
5% of the proceeds go to the respective class funds.  Morning parents should stay until 10:50, and afternoon parents should stay until 1:30.

Please take a look at the overall class duty calendar to know your class' scheduled date, and prepare to organize the parent duties about 2 weeks ahead of time. 
If you have any questions or your role has been transferred to other parents, please contact Minggang Li at 
日程表  For your calendar
08 春节晚会节目报名截止 Chinese New Year show registration ends
15 春节晚会节目审查日 Onsite or video audition of registered programs
22 No School
29 No School
05 School resumes
12 Parenting seminar
26 Last school day of Fall Semester
03 春节联欢会演出 Chinese New Year show time
09 First school day of Spring Semester
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