Friday, February 3, 2012


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新学期注册    New Semester Registration
Registration Site à Main ( Bellevue ) Campus
                                    Seattle Campus
希望大家利用本次新引入的网上注册付款, 避免再去Admin处排队. 下面是一些有益的建议:
1.      本学期绝大部分班级不需要买书. 家长在网上选好课, 付款之后就完成了注册. 付款记录会在家庭账户中保留.
2.      需要买书的班级(2A, 2E, 2F, 5A, 5D, 5E), 书款也在网上付. 付款后请打印出Family Registration Report, 开学日到领书处凭该report领书.
3.      如有网上注册的问题, email
4.      如仍需用传统的办法注册, 请在未付款的情况下打印出Family Registration Report, 带至admin交款.

Please try to take advantage of online registration and avoid the long wait in line at admin desk. Here are some tips:
1.      Most of the classes don’t need to buy new text books this time. After you select classes and pay, your registration is done. No further steps needed.
2.      For classes that need to be buy new books ( 2A, 2E, 2F, 5A, 5D, 5E ), the book fee can also be paid online. Please print out the “Family Registration Report” after you complete payment. On the first day of school please bring it to pick up the books at school.
3.      For online registration issues, please contact for help.
4.      If to use traditional way to register, please print out the “Family Registration Report” without paying, and bring the report to admin table to make payment.

NWCS春晚 CNY Performance
本次春晚于上周日(1/29)成功举行. 这里PTA对所有volunteer, 演职人员及给予支持的家属致以真挚的感谢. 下面的链接里有部分照片, 欢迎大家欣赏. 另外本次我们有请专业摄影师为晚会摄影, 我们会于两三周后编辑完成后开始出售演出DVD.
We had a successful performance last Sunday. Here we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the volunteers, performers and their families. There are some pictures in the  below link. Enjoy. Also we hired professional video photographer to shoot the performance video. We will start selling the DVDs after two to three weeks when the editing is done.

Lost and Found:
The theater has found a lost a cell phone, probably left by someone during our performance. If it’s you, please contact PTA about it.

PTA Weekly Services
               本周所有PTA例行活动, 包括礼券, 图书馆, 奖品, 讲座, 暂停一次.
All PTA regular services, including gift certificate sales, library, prize station and seminars, are OFF this week.


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